Your Gateway to Success in China

Navigating the Chinese market can be complex, but with Nanjing Marketing Group, it doesn’t have to be.

With over 15 years of experience, we offer tailored marketing services to help Western service businesses build trust and drive growth in China.

Your One-Stop Solution for Services Marketing in China

With us as your strategic partner, you instantly gain access to an all-inclusive Chinese marketing team that will seamlessly integrate with your global marketing team, handling high-level communications and hands-on marketing efforts.

In short, this means you’ll have a higher chance of succeeding and the ability to grow faster.

But what does this mean for you in practical terms? Let’s break it down.

Optimize Strategy for the Chinese Market

Optimize Your Strategy for the Chinese Market

Our approach involves taking your existing strategy, refining it to align with Chinese market dynamics, and implementing it effectively.

Using a lean process, we will continuously improve your strategy based on real market feedback.

Drive Attention With Targeted Advertising

Using highly targeted ads on major Chinese platforms such as Baidu, WeChat, and Xiaohongshu, you’ll attract people who want what you provide.

We understand the importance of precision targeting.

Businesses of all sizes trust us to manage their ads proactively, so they don’t need to.

A Baidu search adverting results page for Oxylabs with graphics and text, created by our agency

“NMG has been a great partner to complement Microsoft Store’s global paid search efforts in an otherwise challenging market. NMG is able to quickly adapt to changes with consistent results, while their knowledgeable staff is quick to respond, willing to help, and always on the lookout for testing and growth opportunities.”

– Ben Carson, Global SEM Manager, Microsoft

A screenshot of a Chinese website for GeTS, a B2B logistics company, created by Chinese marketing agency Nanjing Marketing Group.

Convert More Website Visitors

You provide the source web content, and we’ll give you a persuasive, polished Chinese-language website.

Feel free to forget about the details of hosting, government regulations, and Baidu SEO. That’s all taken care of.

We’ll even pre-qualify leads via real-time chat, increasing the quantity and quality of leads.

“From the very first discussions, the Nanjing Marketing Group team understood what we were trying to achieve and brought market insight as well as outstanding digital expertise to help us develop clear messaging and content that supported our strategy. Their deep knowledge of  China broadened our campaign on to multiple, local online platforms, beyond our own initial plans and the team brought clear, measurable results.

Sam Thirlwell Gaudois, Marketing Manager, Epsilon

Earn the Trust of Your Future Customers

Before your future customers are ready to buy, they’ll first need to learn about your company and how you can help solve their problems. 

Most importantly, they will need to trust you.

We’ll “transcreate” your English source content into articles and videos, then distribute them to your Chinese website, the super-app, WeChat, and other major Chinese platforms.

You’ve already established yourself as a credible expert within your niche, and we’re going to make that known to Chinese buyers, regardless of where they seek information.

A screenshot of WeChat articles created for world-famous boom lift company Genie, created by Nanjing Marketing Group.

“Nanjing Marketing Group’s service is 5/5 stars. We appreciate their professional content planning, online event organization, and social marketing for us.”

– Ryan Du, China Program Officer, Conestoga International Education

As a Chinese marketing agency that servers Western clients, we provide reports that are transparent, visual and in English via Google Looker. This report shows organic search trends over time.

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Communication

Working with our bilingual (Chinese and English) agency, you will receive transparent and insightful communications:

  • Visual reports with data from all platforms in one place.
  • Weekly video meeting availability.
  • Collaborative project management on ClickUp.
  • Chat on Slack, WeChat, or email.

“Having a focused team on Chinese marketing has been a rewarding development experience in creating cross-cultural collaborative teams that can really work well and be effective together. 

It means a lot to have content, ads, and focus that reflects who we are as a company in China and is tailored to our audience there. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far with Nanjing Marketing Group and looking forward to continuing our progress.”

– Whitney Beckley, Digital Marketing Director Asia-Pacific, Samtec

Start With a Free Consultation

Contact us for a free initial consultation. Whether it’s through email, chat, or a scheduled video meeting, we’re here to help.

We’ll identify the potential obstacles hindering your expansion in China, and we’ll recommend the best course of action based on your individual needs.

If you think we’re a good fit, you’ll receive a proposal within a week.

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