About Nanjing Marketing Group

At Nanjing Marketing Group, we shorten the distance between people from China and the rest of the world, making cross-border cooperation more profitable.

Our 20- person team has the experience and culture to help global B2B businesses rapidly scale up their leads, and help schools generate more enrollments.

Our small cross-functional teams will handle all your Chinese marketing needs. Each team has no more than one client per full-time staff member. Plus, they have the support of a network of industry veterans with a decade or more of experience in writing, social marketing, search marketing, video production, and more.

We will relentlessly improve your marketing.

Our Core Values

Explore, Create, Discover.

We approach work with the mantra of “探索 (explore),创新 (create),发现 (discover),” and believe in constant innovation and data-based analysis. This is implemented in our bi-weekly sprints, where we generate many new ideas, implement them, then analyze as a team.

Be truthful.

We believe in being truthful with our team members, clients, and the people who see our marketing materials. We share all of the documentation and reporting data transparently, then discuss problems and opportunities very openly.

Work smart, not long.

Why do so many companies in the marketing industry work such long hours, even when evidence points to it reducing overall effectiveness? Sane working hours, a good salary, and a rewards system tied to results are core elements to our success. These allow us to work smart—with clear processes and scrum-like sprints.

Be the bridge between cultures.

Every member of our team continuously strives to improve their understanding of other languages and cultures. We also help clients and online fans understand Chinese culture through our blog, newsletter, and YouTube videos.

Our Team

Tait Lawton


Tait is from Edmonton, Canada, and first came into contact with the Chinese language in high school. At that time, China was seen more as the world’s factory, rather than as a source of consumers. We could say he saw the business potential, but that’s only half-true. Really, he was mostly drawn to the different language and culture.

In 2002, Tait started his first online business while in school, buying video game accessories from China and reselling in North America. He later came to Nanjing as a study abroad student as part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Alberta. There he met his Nanjingese girlfriend, who is now his wife.

Since founding Nanjing Marketing Group in 2008, Tait has overseen more than 300 client projects. He has a broad range of marketing skills including strategy, digital analytics & team formation as well as search marketing, SEO & content marketing. He oversees the creation and improvement of our marketing solutions, meaning he engages in all projects to test new ideas and turn effective marketing tactics into efficient services.

Tait speaks fluent Chinese with a Canadian accent. He’s also a popular creator of Chinese short videos on WeChat, Douyin and other platforms. There he goes by the name of “泰特能说” (Tait can Talk).

Tait lives in Canada with his wife and two daughters.

Nara Bi

General Manager

Originally from the northeastern province of Liaoning, Nara graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University with a major in biotechnology and has been connected with Nanjing ever since. Nara embodies the characteristic traits of a northeasterner: lively, optimistic, straightforward, and humorous.

Before working at Nanjing Marketing Group, she ran social marketing campaigns for several of Nanjing’s larger real estate companies. She’s been working in social marketing since 2013.

Besides working as the top manager, she also engages in some client projects herself. She and her team have spent a year helping Samtec build its Chinese team by providing consulting services and online promotion in China. She helped quadruple the conversion rate from Chinese users.

She enjoys cooking, gaming and anime culture. On her time off, she likes to get cozy, make a fancy cake and play Overwatch with friends!

Shirley Chen

Content Marketing Department Manager

Shirley is a local Nanjinger. She graduated from England’s De Montfort University with a major in Business Management and Finance. During her time in London, she made friends with people from all over the world.

After her studies, she worked in a local bank as a client manager. That’s where she learned to provide great customer service.

At Nanjing Marketing Group, she has focused on leveraging social communities with the aim of having them do the marketing for the client. She’s especially experienced with social marketing for universities. The educational clients she has served include UNSW Global, Conestoga, Cambrian, Grier School, and Emory Law. All of these clients started from scratch, and she helped promote them across all platforms, enhancing their visibility in the Chinese market.

For UNSW Global, she helped generate over 400 inquiries per month. It’s easy for her to integrate with student communities and guide the conversation online. Outside of work, she loves to travel and do minor DIY home renovations. She goes traveling within Asia about once or twice a year.

Phoebe Yu

Search Engine Marketing Department Manager

Phoebe was born in Nanjing and graduated from the China Youth Politics Academy in 2014.

Since then, she has been working in the paid advertising industry, growing step by step from a novice to a professional in Search Engine Marketing. At Nanjing Marketing Group, she is mainly responsible for optimizing paid campaigns for our projects, building websites, and helping clients to achieve their marketing goals.

Phoebe has assisted with over 100 online marketing projects of different sizes. Most of these projects needed to start from scratch in building their marketing foundation in China. She helped Virtuzone, a company providing legal services for companies getting established in UAE, generate hundreds of leads. She never stops improving her skills in search marketing and advertising.

Phoebe enjoys a quiet life. She can spend the whole day at home on weekends reading books and playing games. When Phoebe is not at home, she’s traveling with friends/family or out on 10-kilometer walks.

Lillian Shi

Senior Account Manager

From Liu’an, Anhui province, Lillian graduated from Anhui University with a major in English.

After graduation, she worked as a project manager, promoting three English B2C websites. Lillian’s patience and cross-cultural communication abilities have helped her with cross-border business throughout her career.

She has worked as an account manager at Nanjing Marketing Group since 2013, coordinating team members and advising clients. To date, she’s managed over 60 projects for small and large businesses across multiple industries.

Lillian helped niche project Bar Codes Talk increase its revenue from zero to a yearly ROI high of 487%. After two years of marketing, her team successfully increased the number of enrolled Chinese students for Cambrian college by 600%.

Outside of the office, Lillian enjoys spending time with her child, family, and friends. She also enjoys cooking, climbing, biking, jogging, and traveling.

July Wang

July Wang

Account Manager

July is a native of Nanjing, and graduated from the York University in Toronto, where she studied psychology. During her time studying in Toronto, she worked in backend operations and social media marketing for a local restaurant brand.

In 2023,  she joined Nanjing Marketing Group as an account manager, helping clients build their trust and increase sales in Chinese market. Having spent years abroad, she has a better understanding of how to communicate with foreigners.

July is proficient in Chinese, English, and Korean, and she can also handle basic everyday Japanese and French. She is currently delving into learning more languages. Her interests are wide-ranging, and she is passionate about extreme sports such as skiing, skydiving, and horseback riding.

Sissi Dai

HR Manager

Sissi, born in Nanjing, pursued a major in human resource management during her university years and learned basic French in her spare time.After graduation, she started her career in HR, where she developed excellent communication, management, and execution skills by combining theory with practice.

Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, she gained professional experience working at an HR services company. Now, in addition to being our company’s HR, she also runs our “77看世界” project:  an online influencer account about studying abroad. Sissi built the brand from scratch and has attracted over 37,000 followers and 12 million views at the end of July, 2023. She has also produced advertisements for clients 15 times, achieving a 100% client satisfaction rate.

In her free time, she likes painting, movies, and traveling. She has traveled to many countries and loves to explore and learn about other cultures.


Alex Gang

Admissions Counselling

Nanjing native Alex Gang graduated from the University of Sussex in the UK. His three years of overseas study helped him develop independence, critical and analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, he worked in the study-abroad industry for five years. Specializing in student applications to foreign universities, Alex helped over 600 students receive offers from Western schools. Many of those students didn’t initially expect to receive offers, but they did. As a former international student himself, Alex demonstrated patience and understanding as he handled students’ applications and queries.

At NMG, Alex provides sales support services for our clients. For schools, he helps students with the application process, increasing the conversion rate from application to admission. For B2B and immigration clients, he helps in the upper sales funnel. For example, he helped the overseas company CIS DRS with customer engagement, garnering 5 valid inquiries in the first month, of which 2 have already been signed and followed up on.

In his spare time, he enjoys sports activities and esports games. Alex is also keen on exploring the beautiful things in life.

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