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At Nanjing Marketing Group, we shorten the distance between people from China and the rest of the world, making cross-border cooperation more profitable.

Our 20+ person team has the experience and culture to help global B2B businesses rapidly scale up their leads, and help schools generate more enrollments.

Our small cross-functional teams will handle all your Chinese marketing needs. Each team has no more than one client per full-time staff member. Plus, they have the support of a network of industry veterans with a decade or more of experience in writing, social marketing, search marketing, video production, and more.

We will relentlessly improve your marketing.

Our Core Values

Explore, Create, Discover.

We approach work with the mantra of “探索 (explore),创新 (create),发现 (discover),” and believe in constant innovation and data-based analysis. This is implemented in our bi-weekly sprints, where we generate many new ideas, implement them, then analyze as a team.

Our Team

Tait Lawton


Tait is from Edmonton, Canada, and first came into contact with the Chinese language in high school. At that time, China was seen more as the world’s factory, rather than as a source of consumers. We could say he saw the business potential, but that’s only half-true. Really, he mostly just liked the opportunity to interact with people in a very different language and culture.

In 2002, Tait started his first online business while in school, buying video game accessories from China and reselling in North America. He later came to Nanjing as a study abroad student as part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Alberta. There he met his Nanjingese girlfriend, who is now his wife.

Since founding Nanjing Marketing Group in 2008, Tait has overseen more than 100 client projects. He has a broad range of marketing skills including strategy, digital analytics & team formation as well as search marketing, SEO & content marketing. He oversees partnerships and our team of account managers.

Tait splits his time between China and Canada. He lives with his wife and two daughters.

Nara Bi

General Manager

Originally from the northeastern province of Liaoning, Nara graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University with a major in biotechnology and has been connected with Nanjing ever since. Nara is a characteristic northeasterner – lively, optimistic, straightforward and humorous.

Before working at Nanjing Marketing Group, she ran social marketing campaigns for several of Nanjing’s larger real estate companies. She’s been working in social marketing since 2013.

She enjoys cooking, gaming and anime culture. On her time off, she likes to get cozy, make a fancy cake and play Overwatch with friends! She even met her husband playing World of Warcraft.

Nara is a native to the online, gaming, mobile culture of Chinese youth. She leads our social marketing department, bringing fun and friendship to client social campaigns across industries.

Shirley Chen

Content Marketing Department Manager

Shirley is a local Nanjing gal. She graduated from England’s De Montfort University with a major in Business Management and Finance. Her time in London was her first chance to make friends with people from all over the world.

After her studies, she worked in a local bank as a client manager. That’s where she learned to get close to customers. The old gramps and grannies from around the neighborhood often came by to chat – and do business.

At Nanjing Marketing Group, she has focused on leveraging social communities with the aim of having them do the marketing for the client. She’s especially experienced with social marketing for universities. It’s easy for her to integrate with student communities and guide the conversation online. Outside of work, she loves to travel and do minor DIY home renovations. She goes traveling within Asia about once or twice a year.

Phoebe Yu

Search Engine Marketing Department Manager

Phoebe was born in Nanjing and graduated from the China Youth Politics Academy.

Since then, she has been working in the paid advertising industry, growing from a novice to a professional SEMer step by step. At Nanjing Marketing Group, she is mainly responsible for optimizing paid campaigns for our projects, building websites, and helping clients to achieve their marketing goals.

Phoebe enjoys a quiet life. She can spend the whole day at home on weekends reading books and playing games. When Phoebe is not at home, she’s traveling with friends or out on 10-kilometer walks.

Lillian Shi

Senior Account Manager

From Liu’an, Anhui province, Lillian graduated from Anhui University with a major in English.

After graduation, she worked as a project manager, promoting three English B2C websites. Lillian’s patience and cross-cultural communication abilities have helped her with cross-border business throughout her career.

She has worked as an account manager at Nanjing Marketing Group since 2013, coordinating team members and advising clients. To date, she’s managed over 30 projects for small and large businesses across multiple industries.

Lillian helped niche project Bar Codes Talk increase its revenue from zero to a yearly ROI high of 487%. After two years of marketing, her team successfully increased the number of enrolled Chinese students for Cambrian college by 600%.

Outside of the office, Lillian enjoys spending time with her child, family, and friends. She also enjoys cooking new types of food, climbing, riding bicycles, jogging, and traveling.

Juliet Zhu

Account Manager

Juliet is from Nanjing and graduated from the University of British Columbia, majoring in sociology. Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, Juliet worked in an education agency as a student service advisor, where she learned the importance of client relationships. Students and their parents loved to ask her for help.

At Nanjing Marketing Group, Juliet works as an account manager, where she coordinates a talented team of marketers and manages the communication between the team and our clients.

Juliet helped German import service business Lizenzero exceed its registration target by 400% in its first year.

Outside of work, Juliet enjoys watching and discussing cult classics with other movie lovers.

Sissi Dai

HR Manager

Sissi was born in Nanjing, majored in human resource management during university, and learned basic French in her spare time. After graduation, she started her career in HR, where she developed excellent communication, management, and execution skills by combining theory with practice.

Before joining Nanjing Marketing Group, she gained professional experience working at an HR services company. Now, she is not only our company’s HR but she also runs our 77 Kan Shijie project: an online influencer account about studying abroad. Sissi built the brand from scratch and has attracted more than 18,000 followers and 3.8 million views so far.

In her free time, she likes painting, movies, and traveling. She has traveled to many countries and loves to explore and learn about other cultures.


Alex Gang

Admissions Counselling

Nanjing native Alex Gang graduated from the University of Sussex in the UK. These three years of overseas study cultivated his independence, critical and analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Before joining NMG, he worked in the study-abroad industry for five years. Specializing in student applications to foreign universities, Alex helped over 600 students receive offers from Western schools. Many of those students didn’t expect to get offers at first, but they did. As a former international student himself, Alex demonstrated patience and understanding as he handled students’ applications and queries.

At NMG, Alex provides a service we call “admissions counselling.” In this role, he helps students with the application process, and school admissions teams achieve their targets. Harnessing his industry experience and knowledge, Alex provides support and advice to prospective students— from their initial queries to making an application to their chosen school.

In his spare time, he likes sports activities and esports games and is interested in exploring the beautiful things in life.

Adam Zhang

Senior Video Marketer

Adam Zhang was born in Shanxi and graduated from the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry with a degree in design. With years of professional training, he has mastered visual design skills and has a personal eye for aesthetics. His graduation projects were even exhibited by the university!

He is the former head of video marketing for a real estate company in Nanjing and has a wealth of experience in video production. At Nanjing Marketing Group, he is responsible for the creative implementation of ideas for the clients and the organization of our in-house video marketing team.

Outside of work, photography is his passion. He enjoys recording beautiful stories with his camera, bringing emotion and artistic flare to the images he captures. 

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