If you’ve been following our blog posts/articles for some time and you’re a fan of our online content, or you’ve ever been one of our many clients who needed help breaking into the vast world of Chinese digital marketing, then you’ll know that we specialize in two niches—B2B and education. 

You may not be aware, but…there was BIG news last month in the world of higher education.

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) issued a notice on January 28, 2023, saying that according to the relevant national policies, the center will no longer verify cross-border (online or distance) overseas degree certificates and higher education diplomas.

After such a bombshell announcement, what will the overall trend of studying abroad look like in 2023?

In response to these policy changes, we’ve created a downloadable PDF document: White Paper: Employment Prospects of Returning Overseas Chinese Students (2023), which, we believe, provides critical information to all the major stakeholders (students, parents, recruiters, etc.) involved in a person’s decision to study abroad. 

If you work for a school or in education recruitment and want to know more about your potential students/clients, this white paper is for you. Remember that for the students, their future employment prospects are of high importance. In fact, it’s the reason that they go abroad to study.


The White Paper

Higher education is no joke in China, and it’s something that’s taken very seriously. It’s a ruthless industry with only the best of the best getting into the top domestic universities, and with a population of 1.4 billion people, that’s a lot of competition for those top spots. 

The last few years have seen a few changes in the application requirements for overseas universities. However, while it may be getting a bit easier in some respects, overall, an increase in the academic competition domestically in China has resulted in more competition for overseas institutions, especially those in the QS top 100 rankings. 

I think you’ll find this white paper a valuable resource if you are

  • an undergraduate student considering overseas study,
  • a postgraduate student wondering which country has the best job prospects post-graduation,
  • a parent thinking about what country to send your child to for further study (or you may be considering uprooting the family and moving there with them), or even
  • an employer looking for recent graduates with specialized majors. 
  • an institution that wants to know about your competitors, overseas students’ trends, etc., or
  • interested in learning more about the BIG news or education recruitment in general.

Maybe one of the above descriptions applies to you, and you are curious about 

  • how many overseas graduates return to China after graduation
  • the top five countries for overseas study,
  • how easy is it to apply to an Ivy League University,
  • the job prospects afterward (in that country),
  • the in-demand jobs/sectors and their average salaries,
  • the difference between a cooperative foreign high school/university and a Canadian co-op course,
  • the benefits of a girls’ school education, and
  • so much more.

To give you an example of what you’ll find in the white paper, here’s the data for the most popular majors (by field of study) over the last twenty years.

International students by field of studyWe’ve Really Been Thorough

We’ve collected and compiled data from numerous sources, and we’ve researched: Australian immigration policies, Canadian work permit requirements, Ive-League enrollment numbers, and many more things relevant to overseas study.


Download the White Paper PDF Now

This white paper provides data and analysis on where students are studying, the requirements for staying on and starting a life in that country, where graduates want to live when they return to China, and so much more. 

We analyze data trends over the last few years, summarize what’s currently happening, and predict new trends concerning popular majors and sectors that will be crying out for skilled, recently graduated students with specialized majors.

Talking as a parent myself, I hope this helps you make informed decisions about your own future (if you’re a student) or your children’s futures (if you’re a parent reading this).

And if you’re a school or a university, this should help you understand more about what students want or why students choose other schools. 


Contact Us

If you are interested in the white paper and have any questions about anything it contains, please leave your E-mail in the comment below, and we will send you the PDF document. 

Also, if it’s got you thinking about something else education-related, or you want to know how to promote your schools in China, please leave a comment or contact us via the usual channels. We’d love to hear from you, as always.

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