WeChat’s video accounts are getting some important upgrades and looking more like Douyin. Upgrades to video accounts should make them more useful for marketers. Some of these updates are available only to certain accounts or only on iOS, but WeChat marketers will want to keep an eye on these.

The updates:

  1. Add topics for Moments and elsewhere. It leads to a page that emphasizes videos.
  2. Now supports videos up to 30 minutes long! (It was previously up to 15 minutes).
  3. The new “long videos” support bullet comments and floating windows.
  4. Link to a WeChat Store from the video account. This one shouldn’t have a big impact now, but we can expect that they’ll develop better integrations soon.
  5. Allows live streaming. There were other options via WeChat before, but this one might be better. It might improve results for live streaming via WeChat by making it easier for fans to engage or easier to spread virally.
  6. Embed video account videos within articles. It was possible to embed videos before, but not the account videos. This will make it easier to exchange traffic between the two. We’ll test it out, but we aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to send readers from a brand’s article to a brand’s video account, where they are likely to get lost watching puppy videos.
  7. Can now “@” other accounts. The video account pages can also feature content that has referenced them.

Viral exposure on WeChat is difficult to achieve due to the platform’s closed-system; however, “video accounts” are different. They have the potential to go viral. The new updates might make it possible for marketers to get the best of both worlds. – Read more (Chinese)

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