Gigs and Partnership Opportunities

At NMG, we’re always looking to improve our services, our digital content, and other areas of our business.

Does your company (or you) provide specialist services and think you could help us improve?

On this page, we explain many of the problems/opportunities we face and welcome you to contact us to discuss how you might help out.

When you email us, please include the word “donuts” in the subject line so we know you’ve read this content.

Note that there are also full-time jobs described on a separate Chinese-language page.


Improve Website Visuals

We recently created several new pages that highlight parts of our solutions. For example, see the WeChat Marketing services page.

We created screenshots and basic graphics, but if a designer can do better, we’re open to suggestions.

The point of these pages is to help potential clients better understand our solutions and the platforms we use. They provide key points at a glance, but also link to other resources where readers can learn more.


Tools to Improve Chinese Marketing

If you’re a provider of technology or software that helps business or schools with marketing in China, we’d like to hear from you.

We might be your customer, or might like to review your offering on our blog/YouTube/newsletter.


Backlink Building (Chinese)

Our SEO approach is content-heavy. We spread the content across the website, Zhihu, forums, and other platforms.

Little effort goes into link building because it hasn’t provided as high of an ROI for us. However, we’re open to learning about new tactics from other SEO link builders.

This could be freelance, part-time, or full-time work for you.


Create a Separate Education Brand 

At some point, we’d like to create a separate sub-brand for our education solution. will become the home for our B2B-related content, and the new brand will be specifically for the education niche.

Why might we do this?

For one, our education marketing solution itself has outgrown the “marketing agency” model. It is now functioning as a vertically-integrated solution with three main points:

Like a marketing agency, we do search and content marketing to help improve a school’s brand and drive more inquiries.
Like education agents, we can take those inquiries and convert them into enrollments.
Like influencers (KOLs), we create “edutainment” videos for students. This is the top of the funnel.

Second, the people that consume our education-related content are often at a much lower level of marketing expertise than our B2B clients. They include executives, people that work on admissions teams, etc. Therefore, by creating a separate brand for them, we can speak their language.

What should this new brand entail?

In short, we’ll launch a content marketing effort that includes a website and other channels.



Think you can help with any one of these areas? We’d love to hear from you/don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us to talk business

If interested, we’ll email you back to request relevant materials and set a time to meet.

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