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Amplify your Chinese student enrollments with a full marketing and sales solution.

More international students come from China than anywhere else. It’s often considered a tough market to manage, but it doesn’t need to be.

Enhance Your Brand

We’ll collaborate with you to extend your school’s presence in China by publishing on WeChat, Baidu, Zhihu, and other key platforms.

You’ll be present across the Chinese Internet and build a strong base of followers.

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Drive More Applications

You’ll receive more applications, both directly online and from your education agent partners.

Increase Enrollment Rates

Positive and accurate online content means your school will be a much easier sale for your agents/admissions team.

Plus, we’ll even take your direct inquiries and guide them through the enrollment process.

“It is exciting to see the number of followers has increased after each posting on WeChat.”

– Becky Xu, International Manager, Cambrian College

We helped increase Cambrian College’s enrollments of Chinese international students by 600% from 2019–2021, DURING A PANDEMIC.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Launch a Chinese Website That Works

One problem with many schools’ websites is that they don’t load quickly in China. The “Great Firewall of China” throttles incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

We’ll create a Chinese website that looks similar to its English counterpart. Check out this example of Cambrian College, a smaller sister site to their original website.

Attract Targeted Traffic

For Baidu (the “Google of China”), we’ll launch highly targeted ads to bring in potential students searching for your school, programs, and location.

Engage Your Fans

We create entertaining and insightful content that receives 3X the engagement rate of other schools.

We’ll build up your social following on WeChat, Zhihu, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, and other platforms faster than you could on your own.

Admissions Counseling

Generate Direct Enrollments

You can think of our Admissions Counselors as being like traditional education agents. In fact, that’s their background.

But, while agents will try to sell students on four schools, we will sell them on just your school. The result is a higher conversion rate.

Increase Consulting Quality

Increase Consulting Quality

We will present a consistent and accurate image of your school and programs in all of our marketing and sales efforts.

You have full access to all conversations, all marketing and enrolment data.

Defer Marketing Costs

Since you’ll be paying when students enroll, you’ll pay 60% less fixed/up-front fees.

Defer Marketing Costs

“Nanjing Marketing Group’s service is 5/5 stars.
We appreciate their professional content planning, online event organization, and social marketing for us.”

– Ryan Du, China Program Officer, Conestoga International Education

NMG helped Conestoga attract as many Chinese international student recruitments as they wanted.

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In our first meeting, you’ll learn how to drive more leads.

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