Chinese B2B Marketing Solution

Ramp up your Chinese B2B sales with Nanjing Marketing Group’s performance-based B2B marketing solution.

We’ll activate Baidu, WeChat, and your website to give you the best chance of success in the massive Chinese B2B services and technology markets.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Using highly targeted ads on major Chinese platforms such as Baidu and WeChat, you’ll be able to attract people who want what you provide.

We understand the importance of precision targeting.

Businesses of all sizes trust us to manage their ads proactively, so they don’t need to.

An ad for Oxylabs shown in Baidu search results.
A screenshot of a Chinese website for GeTS, a B2B logistics company, created by Chinese marketing agency Nanjing Marketing Group.

Convert More Website Visitors

You provide the source web content, and we’ll give you a persuasive, polished Chinese-language website.

Feel free to forget about the details of hosting, government regulations, and Baidu SEO. That’s all taken care of.

We’ll even pre-qualify leads via real-time chat, increasing the quantity and quality of leads.

Educate Your Buyers

B2B services are complex. Before your future clients are ready to buy, they’ll need to learn a lot about your company and how you can help solve their problems.

We’ll “transcreate” your English source content into articles and videos. After that, we’ll share this transcreated content on your Chinese website, the super-app WeChat, and Q&A platform Zhihu.

You’ve already established yourself as a credible expert within your niche, and we’re going to make that known to Chinese buyers, regardless of where they seek information.

Screenshots of GeTs' account on Zhihu, Chinese knowledge platform, content created by Nanjing Marketing Group.

“Nanjing Marketing Group has been a key partner for us in our efforts to test the demand for our services in China. They’ve been very responsive to all our requirements, continually suggest improvements, and always seek new ways to optimize our campaigns.”

– Christian Voss Pedersen, Group Marketing Manager, Virtugroup

Get There Faster

First, we’ll start with the playbook that works for other B2B clients like you. We’ve already polished our marketing system with 300+ clients and it’s ready to put to use for you.

Then, we’ll test new tactics every two weeks. The goal is to implement new initiatives faster than the competition.

full B2B solution
Google Looker report showing organic search visibility trends on Baidu and Google, with spiky generally upward-sloping lines.

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Communication

You’ll get:

  • Visual reports with data from all platforms and your website.
  • Weekly video meeting availability.
  • Efficient planning on ClickUp (project management tool).
  • Slack or WeChat group chats.

Choose a Partnership Model That Suits You


Pay a one-time launch fee, then pay for results.

We’re open to pay-per-lead, revenue sharing or other models so long as it aligns our team with yours.

Ideal for small businesses.

(Ad fees separate.)

Flat monthly fees

Pay recurring monthly payments.

Easily swap services from month to month.

Preferred by most of our large clients.

(Ad fees separate.)

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Whether it’s through email, chat, or a scheduled video meeting, we’re here to help.

We’ll identify the potential obstacles hindering your expansion in China, and we’ll recommend the best course of action based on your individual needs.

If you think we’re a good fit, you’ll receive a proposal within a week.

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