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Unlock your in-house potential to ramp up leads and sales in China—in months instead of years.

Optimize Baidu ads better than your competitors

  • Set up a Baidu advertising account the right way.
  • Receive a full account build-out and then optimization for three months.
  • Learn how to optimize and analyze it on your own.

Persuade more of your visitors to take action

  • Create killer landing pages.
  • Learn how to provide a better experience for Chinese visitors (without breaking the bank).

Build your WeChat following

WeChat isn’t like anything in the West!

  • Learn how WeChat fits into your strategy.
  • Get your Chinese and global team members engaged in an efficient workflow.
  • Plus, we’ll show you how to create content once, then repurpose it for WeChat, your website, Zhihu, and more.

Integrate cutting-edge B2B marketing into your company’s DNA

In the end, you and your colleagues will have laid the foundation for success in China.

Case Study: Samtec

Samtec is a large (2,000+ employees) and successful B2B business that manufactures electronic interconnects. Whitney from Samtec wanted a reliable Chinese marketing system that could help Samtec grow and be effective in the future.

Nanjing Marketing Group helped Samtec learn our whole marketing system. Among other things, this included launching Baidu ads, analyzing results, and becoming efficient at creating Chinese content themselves for use on WeChat, Zhihu, and websites.

Learn more by watching the interview with Whitney or contacting us for a written version of her story about improving Samtec’s lead generation in China with Nanjing Marketing Group.

Contact us for a free consultation

In our first meeting, we’ll start to diagnose your situation, and teach you the basics of how to succeed in China.

If it’s a fit, we’ll follow up with a detailed proposal.

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