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Get all your data: website, Baidu, and other social platforms, all in one place.

You can leave it to us, or dive as deep as you need into the marketing database, plan, and report.

Interactive, visual reports

View keyword performance on Baidu and your website.

Compare content performance across all platforms.

Analyze long-term trends in followers, views, interactions, sales, and more.

Easily monitor your Baidu SEO

Access the best global SEO tools:

  • Dragon Metrics.
  • Baidu’s Webmaster Tools.

Track keyword rankings for your webpages and Zhihu content.

We’ll spot SEO problems with your website and proactively fix them.

Learn more about Dragon Metrics here.

Engage with simple, up-to-date marketing plans

We’ll start your marketing with a best practice plan we have developed over ten years and 300+ projects.

Then, we’ll start to iterate.

We’ll have new findings every two weeks. Based on what we learn, we’ll adapt the four-page marketing plan (in Google Docs) accordingly.

Complete database available

Want more raw data to use as you want?

All the data that can be exported from WeChat, Zhihu, and other social platforms will be in a simple database available to you in Google Sheets.

From here, you’ll have access to Baidu keyword data (on a daily level).

Google Sheets

How can we help you?

We help B2B businesses and schools increase their leads/sales in China.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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