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With China opening up again in 2023, both physical and virtual events are a great way to reach your future Chinese customers.

You create the event, we’ll drive people to attend. You pay based on the number of attendees.

Get more event attendees

Get more event attendees

We’ll transcreate your English-language materials for the Chinese market, then publish online.

Then we’ll follow-up with each attendee to help ensure that their questions are answered.

The photo shows a physical event we promoted for a Western SaaS company.

Build your following in China

Each person that signs up will provide us with some contact information – email, SMS and/or WeChat.

This gives you a chance to follow-up with them after to build a following on WeChat or create an online community.

For TheMBATour, we grew their WeChat followers from 9 to 791 during the two-month event promotion.

CISI Wealth Management Summit

Gain market feedback

Events are a great way to find out what your future potential customers are thinking.

You get a chance to engage with them during the event, and also via survey after the event.

For the CISI Wealth Management Summit, we attracted 326 registrations.

What kind of events work well?

  1. The event topic must be interesting to some people in China. Niche topics work well!
  2. It must occur during the daytime in China.
  3. Free events are the easiest to arrange.
  4. You should have some way of making money from attendees – sponsors, up-sells or other.
  5. To know more, just ask us.


How can we help you?

We help B2B businesses and schools increase their leads/sales in China.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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