Xiaohongshu Marketing Service

Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle app with over 300 million monthly active users.

They use it to read and share “notes” for self-improvement, education, housing, art, clothing and even business topics.

Screenshot of Cambrian College's Xiaohongshu page, as well as a post on their account related to Tim Horton's, content created by Nanjing Marketing Group.

Reach new customers virally

We’ll “transcreate” your source English content into bite-sized posts for Xiaohongshu.

We ran Cambrian College’s Xiaohongshu account for eight months and started seeing huge results after just six. The account gained 117 new followers and brought over 50 inquiries last month. And the numbers are still increasing.

Delight users with engaging content

These two examples for Cambrian generated 35 comments and 15 inquiries.

These are just two of the hundreds of organic posts we make on various Chinese social platforms.

A post for Cambrian College on Xiaohongshu inviting Chinese users to learn more about the Personal Support Worker program and apply.
Xiaohongshu advertising sample for Saint Mary's School, an American high school, oprated by Nanjing Marekting Group

Expand your reach with Xiaohongshu native advertising

By combining interesting content with Xiaohongshu’s advertising system, you can easily ramp up your views, likes and leads.

As a growing platform with a new ad system just rolled out in September 2023, rates are lower on Xiaohongshu than on other platforms.

Xiaohongshu Marketing FAQ

More and more B2B brands are opening official accounts on Xiaohongshu. Especially with the rise of Xiaohongshu advertising, it has become a good platform to promote B2B.

Xiaohongshu is a place for people to absorb new knowledge in bite-sized chunks. It supports text and image posts, but in a shorter format than long WeChat articles. It also supports short videos in vertical format.

We generally recommend 2-3 posts per week. If it’s not possible to achieve that, at least ensure there’s 1 post per week.

When we aim to generate leads, we usually try to have users talk to us via Xiaohongshu’s messaging system. However, if you have activated Xiaohongshu advertising, we can try to apply for an exception.

Business accounts have fewer restrictions.   Business verification on Xiaohongshu is primarily aimed at safeguarding the rights of users and brands, while enhancing the quality and credibility of content on the platform. Additionally, a certified company can gain more exposure and user trust, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and sales performance on the platform. For users, products and services from certified companies are perceived as more reliable, thus improving the shopping experience and consumer confidence.

Yes, unlike other Chinese platforms, Xiaohongshu advertising supports targeting specific foreign countries and cities. To learn more about how Xiaohongshu advertising works, read this blog please.

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