Zhihu is the premier Q&A platform in China, with 220 million users.

It has over a hundred million answers so far, and is still growing. Each answer can be voted up and down by the community.

Screenshots of Emory School of Law's account on Zhihu, Chinese knowledge platform, content created by Nanjing Marketing Group.

Grow your reputation

Zhihu is a great place for you to show your in-depth knowledge of your niche.

Like the answers we made for Emory School of Law, you should expect most posts to get hundreds of views, and some to get many thousands of views. Here is an example of Emory’s Zhihu answer:

Bring in organic search traffic

Zhihu content regularly ranks in the top three organic Baidu search results.

Posting on Zhihu is like an SEO cheat code.

This Zhihu post here ranks #1 on Baidu for the profitable keyword “e-commerce import services”.

Baidu Top Ranking for E-commerce

Set up your account right, no Chinese business-entity required

What you’ll get:

  • A memorable name.
  • Account verification.
  • Access to advertising.

We set up and run Emory School of Law’s Zhihu account.

Check the Zhihu account setup guide here.

Get three for the price of one

You provide the English source content.

We transcreate it into Chinese, then spread it to Zhihu, WeChat, and your Chinese website.

In the example here, Cambrian posted one English article, and we ‘transcreated’ it into an article for WeChat, Zhihu, and their website.

A screenshot of a English post on Cambrian College's English official website

Zhihu Marketing FAQ

Zhihu is most useful for reaching customers that perform research before making a purchase. We use it to help educate readers about SaaS products, professional services, technological hardware/software, educational resources and more.

Business accounts will have a blue V and require annual reviews. For personal accounts, it’s recommended to undergo real-name authentication; otherwise, posting may be restricted. To learn more about the differences between business and personal accounts and how to certificate, you can check out this article.

Yes. Everyone has different viewpoints and perspectives. If your viewpoint is unique or insightful enough, it will still be noticed by others.

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